images emule mods server meter

Fixed bug where unwanted client could become a friend Server list was not updated when a server description was received. Keyword store Note search for Kad2. Added icons for websources in transfer window. Fixed duplicate scroll bar problem in search dialog for low screen resolutions. Downloading files and files in the incoming directory cannot be unshared Added support for Windows 'Heap Corruption Detection' security feature Windows Vista Added support for preview the content of ISO files.

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  • MoD Features Beschreibungen der Features und Download for Filesharing and P2P powerful eMule Client for ed2k eDonkey Network. SHM – [ SourceHashMonitor] Client hash change monitor. Primary use is the control of MSH - [ManualSourceHandling] Manually source enquiry to clients, server and kademlia. Board: Fragen und Hinweise: eMule Plus MoD-Forum.

    FEATURE: integer file type in server search requests to reduce traffic {lugdunummaster} [Aw3]. Merged some code from Mods; Getting booted from Lugdunum servers due to LowID during connect is now handled better; Added Redid the Overhead meter .
    Fixed bug with wrong part count for very large files.

    eMule MoDs eMule Features

    Fixed bug with sorting by category in download listview. Fix of auto resume next file of same category Removed automatically resuming of files with state Insufficient diskspace.

    images emule mods server meter

    Fixed bug with double clicking on rating icon in Transfere window not always opening comment dialog page. This will take more effect when 0.

    images emule mods server meter
    Tebelopele contacts for halloween
    The text meta data e.

    Most current Version:. Damit auch offiziell: willkommen an Board, DavidXanatos! Changed icons in all lists to be theme friendly, background color now matches Download list now also has draggable columns.

    Fixed bug in Webinterface with server sorting and dynIP servers. This client will only host the new protocol, the next version will have the option to switch between Kad and Kad2.

    server met servermet server list edonkey server emule

    Added new tooltips for Transfers window.

    Could you please provide some support for a server credits meter or neomule mod already implement that resource estimator, check it out:P. In eMule, eDonkey servers are used to provide an entry point into this network. A connection to a server is necessary to access the network's resources and. eMule Security: eMule Mods News - - added Fix Obfucated server only connect on first startup, Always send cryptping. (MorphXT) - added Static Tray.
    This will take more effect when 0.

    eMule c Neo Mule []

    Also the auto-versioncheck is now enabled by default Upgraded to zlib 1. Added more sanitizing for Kad packages to ignore all unrequested packets Tweaked reading of "addresses.

    images emule mods server meter

    Auto priority is now defaulted. Added support for integer media length eD2K tag for servers and clients. When duplicates are found in the KnownFileList, the stats are now merged.

    eMule MoDs eMule Plus e Download

    Added support GZip compressed IP-filter files.

    images emule mods server meter
    Some clients may be reporting completed file status.

    This feature can be also used for Bittorent support you only need an adapted Bittorent client. Fixed crash with sending a message to an new added friend [thx Libbnor] Fixed bug with wrong hashset creation in case file could not successfully read Fixed bug with files of too large size when added via search results.

    Fixed a bug which sometimes caused a sharing Violation in known2. The priority specified in downloaded server. Fixed bug where previewed file was not deleted when unable to spawn associated program. Added to the client details if the user is connected to Kad.

    add Publish files on the Server [Dazzle/Changed B4n$h33] add Show Speed Meter [?]. yeah, chimera will be based on ( is a alpha mod, with a differnt anti-leech system and other little stuff) but this.

    CHANGE: show current server in status bar (Tuxman). Traduzioni italiane delle Mod di eMule MorphXT Versione NON bannata - risolve il problema dei nick eMule a [MorphXT+ ]. ADDED: SpeedMeter [eFMod].

    images emule mods server meter

    März eMule MODs - Allgemein>eMule c Neo Mule []. DavidXanatos added obrional full info in server window idea by lit added NSTI . SHM – [SourceHashMonitor] Client hash change monitor. Primary use.
    Added a setting to preferences. Ich bitte dich in deinem ersten Post noch die Changelogs bis zur Version 4. Added support for HTTP redirection for websources.

    When requesting files it now asks only for what is needed, not in k blocks. Search type or shared files list request is shown in each search results tab.

    images emule mods server meter
    Emule mods server meter
    If approved and kept in, it should help with SP2 and lost sources.

    Extra IRC filter options. Fixed bug in log panes which could create auto-endless up-scrolling.

    eMule Mods News eMule Security

    Fixed a bug with rechecking firewall. Download- and Shared Files window context menus for supporting multiple selections. Kad now ignores multiple IDs pointing to one IP in routing request answers Added: Hot tracking effects for Vista themes for all owner drawn tab controls. Hopefully reduced keyword overhead some more by only publishing complete files.

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