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In addition, when the electoral assemblies for consul went on for a long time, and were not able to produce a winner due to the very same riotous activities of the candidates, [p. Marcus Cicero and Marcus Marcellus and Milo himself asked them questions. During the intercalary days, on the 5th before the Ides of March which would thus have been Day 76 or Day 77 of the yearPompeius was installed as sole consul--an unprecedented irregularity. As often as he was a quaesitor in some trial in which inquiry was being made concerning the murder of a man he would advise and even instruct the jury as to what Cicero is now advising: that they should consider in whose interest cui bono it was that the man perish whose murder they were investigating. When he put together a guard with extreme urgency, the two young aristocrats, [p. Then when Milo heard that Clodius' little son was in the Alban villa, he came to the villa, and after the boy had previously dragged off, he was asked permission by the slave Halicor to hack [Clodius] limb from limb; he strangled the steward and two servants besides.


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    “The Ethica Digressio and Cicero's Pro Milone: Dialogue as a Method of Literary Criticism: Cicero, Brutus – and Horace, Epistle 2, I. 34– See Cicero, Pro Milone; Clodius Moles, John, Morello, Ruth, Murgia, See Augustus optimates and populares, 84–89 Ovid,papyri and.
    As an example of the volatile, contradictory and confusing political atmosphere of the time, the superintendent of Milo's slaves, one Marcus Saufeius, was also prosecuted for the murder of Clodius shortly after the conviction of Milo.

    After these events, the gang of Milo arrived, itself demanding an electoral meeting too. Quite openly he gave to individuals tribe by tribe thousands of asses. Asconius describes the Pro Milone as "so perfectly written that it can rightly be considered his best". His competitors wanted to drag things out, and so for that reason Pompeius, the son-in-law of [Metellus] Scipio, and Titus Munatius [Plancus] tribune of the people had not allowed the question to be brought before the Senate as to the summoning of the Patricians to choose an Interrex, although a decree had been passed to name an interrex--on January 18 the Decree and the oration itself, which agrees with the decree, ought to be followed as to the date, I think, rather than Fenestella, who gives January 17 ; on that day Milo made his official departure for Lanuvium, of which town he was at the time Dictator [chief magistrate ], for the purpose of choosing a flamen on the next day.

    Only the Ten Tribunes one of whom was the future historian Sallust were holding power.

    images cicerone pro milone 285
    And so he promised Domitius that he would appear himself next day with his guard.

    Earlier in his career, Lucullus had accused Clodius of committing incest with his sister Clodia and then Lucullus's wife; this allegation is mentioned several times to blacken Clodius' reputation. For, in both c1 spine labeled, the law first ordered that witnesses be heard and then, on one and the same day, the summation be made both by the prosecution and the defense in such a way that two hours be allotted to the prosecution and three hours to the defense.

    The argument of the murder of Clodius being in the public interest is only presented in the written version of the Pro Miloneas, according to Asconius, Cicero did not mention it in the actual version delivered. This is almost never recorded. Sallustius and I interposed our veto on the remaining part of the sententia.

    SB = 87–8 Z Asconius, Commentary on Cicero, Pro Milone 32–3C –5 35C II –7 –17 –5 –7. so conceived by Cicero, but in the Pro Milone the contrast be-; Wirszubski (above, n.

    In the Pro Milone, Cicero endows tne standard devices of. Cicero's exile, met Titus Annius Milo on the Via Appia by chance. The Publication of Cicero's Pro Milone.

    must have been received by the public, anyway.
    Lucius Cassius [Longinus Ravila, consulcensor ] was as I have already often noted a man of greatest severity. For that reason Marcellus and Milo himself begged for a guard from Domitius. They did not quit until the flames from the fire forced them to flee from the meeting place. Then when Milo heard that Clodius' little son was in the Alban villa, he came to the villa, and after the boy had previously dragged off, he was asked permission by the slave Halicor to hack [Clodius] limb from limb; he strangled the steward and two servants besides.

    The argument is that in extreme cases, when one's own life is immediately threatened, disregard of the law is justifiable.

    Milo was condemned for the murder by a margin of 38 votes to

    images cicerone pro milone 285
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    He sent him to his own home and kept him without restraints. In the context of the Pro Milone the meaning behind the phrase remains the same as its use in contemporary society.

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    The greatest part of the multitude was hostile non only toward Milo but also toward Cicero because of his defense [of Milo] which they detested. On the next day Milo was charged with ambitus before Manlius Torquatus, and was condemned in absentia. Iulius Caesar in Gaul. The biggest part of them were Clodians.


    TVLLI CICERONIS PRO T. ANNIO MILONE ORATIO . Occurrebat ei mancam ac debilem praeturam futuram suam consule Milone: eum porro summo.

    images cicerone pro milone 285

    30, CICERO Arati Phaenomena frg. De inventione De lege agrariaMarcello Pro Milone Pro Murena Orator.

    M. Tullius Cicero, Pro Milone (trans. Cicero's aphorism has furnished a favorite theme to chroniclers of the TOTAL WAR AND THE CONSTITUTION.
    In the account of later writer and Ciceronian commentator Asconiusthe actual defense failed to secure an acquittal for Milo for three reasons:. But when the factions of Scipio and Hypsaeus, because of the recently aroused hatred of Milo, began to demand contrary to the law that the Interrex should summon the electoral assembly, and he would not do it, besieged his town house the whole term of his interregnum--five days, according to custom.

    The speech is full of deceptively straightforward strategies. Cicero was asserting that the killing of Clodius was admissible if it was an act of self-defence.

    images cicerone pro milone 285

    For immediately after the slaughter Milo had liberated them, using as his reason that they had saved his life.

    images cicerone pro milone 285
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    The Pro Milone text that survives now is a rewritten version, published by Cicero after the trial.

    At the same time Caelius demanded the slaves of Hypsaeus and of Quintus Pompeius. The jurors appeared not to have passed over the fact that Clodius had been wounded without the knowledge of Milo, but they did take notice of the fact that he had been killed by Milo's order after he had been wounded.

    Milo replied that, of the slaves he had named, some he had never owned, others he had manumitted. Milo and Clodius also often engaged in violence with each other with their gangs in Rome.