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Nancy Amelia Bell Christine Willes. Mighty Samson. John Henry Irons Natasha Irons. His egg-like cocoons can mutate children into winged beings under his control. The character was introduced after DC Comics created Earth-Two, a parallel world that was retroactively established as the home of characters whose adventures had been published in the Golden Age of comic books. Superboy enemy, Bradley "Bash" Bashford, Smallville High bully transformed into a monstrous fiery form.

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  • See Also 22 Appearances of Anti-Superman Gang, 1 Images that include Anti- Superman Gang, Team Gallery: Anti-Superman Gang Links and References None. The Anti-Superman Gang was a criminal organization whose purpose was to learn about and defeat Superman. Pre-Crisis The gang was lead by John Kiley.

    This is a list of fictional supervillains appearing in DC Comics who are or have been enemies of .

    Disturbed by the practices of capitalist, anti-environment developers, Duran becomes their sworn . Sodom and Gomorrah, Action Comics # (November ), A husband-and-wife team that have the ability to fire blasts.
    A solar-powered menace born by detonating a nuclear bomb attached with Superman's genetic material in the sun.

    Bizarro becomes involved when Kryptonian criminals, led by General Zodescape to Earth. Then Spider-Boy arrived and battled him.

    Team Darkseid (AntiLife Equation) vs Team Superman Superhero Database

    An agent paid by a foreign power to stop the Nation's return to prosperity, which is happening after the depression. The newspaper version wore a "B" on his chest, as opposed to Superman's distinctive "S".

    images anti superman teams
    Anti superman teams
    Super Friends.

    Products of the twisted genius of Dabney Donovan, they ran from him and became servants of Darkseid.

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    An industrialist trying to gain a monopoly by destroying his rivals, who turns Superman evil with tainted kryptonite. Earth 2.

    images anti superman teams

    Although beloved by the people of Metropolis for his many public works, Superman knows the truth. A space hunter from the horror film Predator directed by John McTiernan. Nathaniel Tryon was a petty thug and a member of the TNT Trio before an accident transformed him into living nuclear energy.

    Bizarro is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

    ), the character has often been portrayed as an antagonist to Superman, though on occasion he also takes on an anti-hero role, and .

    images anti superman teams

    Bizarro appears in The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians (–). A team consisted of super criminals, quite possibly once inmates of the Phantom Zone, with a grudge against Superman and his legacy. Indeed, as this list of 15 Times Superman Had To Team Up With His and financial resources to developing an arsenal of anti-Superman.
    She sees him planting a bomb, so he ties her up and gags her. He takes vast amounts of wealth and even replaces the Supreme Court with his henchmen.

    Reduced to a formless entity that inhabits mechanical bodies, the Cyborg desires to cause Superman equal pain. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen July Toyman was a recurring villain in Superman: The Animated Serieswhere he wore an overgrown fiberglass child's head with a creepy, blank expression on it over his own head.

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    He disguises himself as Moseley by contorting his face, a power which he used to use, and infiltrates Luthor's meeting. Bizarro 1, goes to Earth and attempts to stop Superman with the help of his friends.

    images anti superman teams
    List of publications. An imp from the Fifth Dimension, Mr.

    images anti superman teams

    House of Secrets 61 August This Bizarro abducted Lex Luthor's baby daughter and intended to send her by rocket to another planet, emulating Kal-El's escape from Krypton. As the terrorists fall, their leader presses a button, detonating an explosive device on board the aircraft. Superman September

    Superhero battle match: Team Darkseid (Anti-Life Equation) versus Team Superman.

    Who will win in a fight between Team Darkseid (Anti-Life Equation) and. From mad scientists to intergalactic overlords, Superman has teamed up with them all. even the movie Superman II in had the pair briefly team up. The Anti-Monitor tried to destroy the multiverse, and Brainiac tried to.
    Several of Superman's rogues most notably Darkseid and Brainiac are or have been foes of the Justice League of America as well.

    As the terrorists fall, their leader presses a button, detonating an explosive device on board the aircraft. He attempts to entrap Superman, but the Man of Steel manages to destroy the crystal. Roderick Rose transforms himself into a large insectoid and has battled Superman several times since.

    Brainiac's blue-skinned, four-armed rival featuring a 20th-level intellect as opposed to Brainiac's 12th-level intellect whose plots are also foiled by Superman and who seeks vengeance.

    Simyan and Mokkari. This character is or was primarily an enemy of Superman in any of his various incarnations, or members of the Superman Family.

    images anti superman teams
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    The offer sends several criminal scientists flocking with different ideas on how to do away with the Man of Steel, all of which fail [11].

    After a series of explosions at American defence industries, Superman rounds up members of the Grotak Bund, an organization that has orders to destroy certain American factories to seriously slow down US defence operations.

    Lois evades him and follows Sarto, who realises she is following and kidnaps her by seizing her and threatening to shoot her. This story directly contradicts a World's Finest story where it is revealed that sometime in the future, Htrae is transformed into a more normal world egg-shaped rather than cubical by the radiation from an exploding celestial body.

    John Henry Irons Natasha Irons.