12 May 2003

Judges and experts from various countries in Europe and from across the globe met in Rome on 9-10 May to advance the implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, insofar as it relates to the role of the judiciary in achieving sustainable development, and the UNEP Global Judicial Symposium and to further progress the recommendations made at the IUCN/UNEP European Judges Symposium held in London in October last year. The Rome Symposium had a strong substantive focus, in particular on human rights and environment. Specific outcomes included the first meeting of the European Judges Forum and the IUCN CEL Judicial Specialist Group, further support for the IUCN/UNEP Judicial Portal and consideration of the content of the UNEP Judges Handbook. For the full outcome see the 'Rome Statement'.

'Rome Statement'
'London Bridge Statement'
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