UNEP and IUCN-ELP Moving Towards a New Era of Cooperation
13 May 2002

UNEP and IUCN-ELP have further progressed cooperation in the lead up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD). Meetings held in UNEP Headquarters last week between senior UNEP officials and the Head of IUCN-ELP, building upon January meetings with Commission on Environmental Law (CEL) Chair, Professor Nicholas Robinson, resulted in many agreements, including: that UNEP will co-sponsor the CEL (University of Natal) pre WSSD conference (see story below (deactivated)) and the Judicial Symposium for judges from the Arab region being led by the Arab Regional Centre for Environmental Law (ARCEL), the newest IUCN regional 'centre of excellence' (see story below (deactivated)). IUCN-ELP has agreed to offer significant 'in kind' support to the Steering Committee for the 'Partnership for the Development of Environmental Law and Institutions in Africa' project (see story below (deactivated)) and to be a cosponsor of the UNEP led Global Judicial Symposium to be held in Johannesburg on 19-20 August. A meeting between IUCN, UNEP and FAO also agreed to further promote and enhance ECOLEX, the web based 'gateway to environmental law' in the lead up to WSSD. Professor Robinson and John Scanlon joined in observing that "the genuine desire of both organizations to enhance their long standing partnership approach to capacity building, either IUCN or UNEP led, is leading to a new and exciting era of cooperation."


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