IUCN Council Endorses IUCN Academy on Environmental Law
16 December 2002

IUCN's 2nd World Conservation Congress held in Amman Jordan in 2000, in Resolution 2.24, endorsed a proposal from the Union's Commission on Environmental Law to establish a new, world-wide Academy of Environmental Law. After extensive study, the Steering Committee of the Commission at its meeting held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in August, 2002, recommended that the Council of IUCN approve and authorise the establishment of the 'IUCN Academy of Environmental Law' as an autonomous entity, associated with the Union's Environmental Law Programme. Based on the Commission's recommendation, the 57th Meeting of IUCN Council (9-11 December 2002) unanimously approved the establishment of the Academy and authorised the Committee to implement the Commission's proposal for its establishment. The Commission will formally establish the Academy at the end of 2003, at the Academy's first annual Colloquium. Preparatory meetings are scheduled throughout 2003 leading to this launch. To register your interest in the Academy contact: Academy@elc.iucn.org

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