15 September 2004

Knowing who to contact and where to find information on environmental law is critical for establishing and maintaining knowledge networks and for building capacity. In order to help meet this need, IUCN's Environmental Law Centre (ELC) has cooperated with the International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL), an IUCN Member, to compile an international directory of institutions active in environmental law. This Directory is now available on the IUCN Environmental Law Programme website, and will be updated and maintained by the IUCN ELC. All institutions that are active in the area are invited to be included in the Directory and to keep their details up to date. The Directory is complemented by the CEL Members Portal, the IUCN-UNEP Judicial Portal and an extensive links page - all accessible through the IUCN ELP Website - along with the CEL Directory, which is made available to all CEL members in hard copy.

To view the Directory click here.
To be included in the Directory contact the IUCN ELC here.



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