'New look' IUCN ELP Newsletter released
3 May 2002

The IUCN Environmental Law Programme has released a 'new look' ELP Newsletter as a part of a major drive to further develop and improve its communication tools. This informative and timely newsletter includes a focus on water and wetlands, a major programmatic area for IUCN and the ELP, provides an overview of the invigorating and direction setting meeting of the Commission on Environmental Law Steering Committee held at the Environmental Law Centre in Bonn last January (attended by IUCN Director General Achim Steiner), addresses the 'Road to the World Summit on Sustainable Development' (WSSD), together with upcoming conferences of the parties under key conventions, provides an overview of the Aarhus Convention and the Draft Covenant on Environment and Development, as well as containing all of our regular features. The Newsletter also includes inserts providing more information on the pre WSSD conference entitled "World Summit 2002: Environmental Law Foundations for Sustainable Development" (see story below) and the matrix for the IUCN ELP Environmental Law Capacity Building Initiative, which can also be found on the ELP Website under 'Environmental Law Programme - Capacity Building'.

The ELP Newsletter has now been sent out to all CEL Members and a full PDF version can be obtained by clicking here



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