18 June 2003

IUCN Council, which met from 2 to 4 June 2003 at IUCN Headquarters in Gland, Switzerland, has appointed Ms. Samar Malek Azar as the new CEL Regional Vice Chair for West Asia. The appointment was made upon the recommendation of the CEL Chair, which was unanimously supported by the CEL Steering Committee at its last meeting held in the Carpathian Mountains in the Ukraine from 15 to17 May 2003. Samar, who is Lebanese, is based in Beirut where she is a legal consultant at the Lebanese Ministry of Environment. During the last two years she has been participating in high-level decision making on issues regarding environmental legislation in Lebanon. Samar has been actively engaged in working for the ratification of international agreements and protocols by Lebanon. She speaks fluent Arabic, French and English and has extensive experience in commercial and contracts law. Samar has pledged to focus her efforts within the IUCN CEL on the development of environmental legislation in her region.



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