16 June 2004

Law for a Green Planet Institute, an IUCN Member, has used the occasion of the 8th International Conference on Environmental Law, "Wildlife Protection: Policy and Legal Instruments" to pay tribute to Prof. Nicholas Robinson for his "leadership in advancing environmental law for sustainable development". Prof. Robinson, serving his second term as Chair of the IUCN CEL, has driven many significant initiatives, including the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, the world's first global network of universities with the purpose of advancing environmental law. The conference also heard presentations from several IUCN CEL and ELC experts. The Conference was preceded by the Commission's first Steering Committee meeting for 2004 on 26-27 May in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Matters addressed included: reviewing resolutions from the 2nd IUCN World Conservation Congress; the IUCN ELP Component Programme Plan, Draft Operating Guidelines for CEL Specialist Groups, the outline for a CEL Strategic Plan for 2005-2008 and the draft mandate for 'centres of excellence'. A full summary of the meeting will be made available over the coming weeks.

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