ABS: Documents in English

Note: These publications express the views of the author based on expert research and collaboration under the ABS project, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the policy of IUCN in this field.

ABS Brochure
Facts, Expertise and Coherence in ABS Implementation

Application Form
For Advisors to the ABS Project

Summary Handbook for CBD Delegations
Options and Process for the Development of an International Regime on Access and Benefit-Sharing

Biodiversity Access and Benefit-Sharing
Biodiversity Access and Benefit-Sharing in Arid Countries and Countries of Low Diversity and High Endemism

Access to Genetic Resources, and Sharing the Benefits of their Use
International and Sub-regional Issues

A Comparative Analysis of Legislation and Practices on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing (ABS)
Critical Aspects for Implementation and Interpretation

Regional workshop on the synergies between the Convention on Biological Diversity and the CITES regarding access to genetic resources and distribution of benefits
The role of the Certificates of origin.

Announcement: Explanatory Guide
Explanatory Guide to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic
Resources for Food and Agriculture

Book Announcement: Accessing Biodiversity and Sharing the Benefits
Lessons from Implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity


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