Recent Environmental Policy & Law Paper

NEW! No. 65 Les conventions locales de gestion des ressources naturelles et de l'environnement : Légalité et cohérence en droit sénégalais
Laurent Granier, 2006
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NEW! No. 60 Judges and the Rule of Law - Creating the Links: Environment, Human Rights and Poverty
Thomas Greiber (Ed.), 2006
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NEW! No. 53 Gobernanza del agua en América del Sur: dimensión ambiental
edited by Alejandro Iza and Marta B. Roveres, 2006
Download pdf-format: Spanish

No. 59 Legal Aspects in the Implementation of CDM Forestry Projects
Maria Socorro Z. Manguiat, Roda Verheyen, Jens Mackensen and Gerald Scholz , 2005
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No. 57 Explanatory Guide to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Gerald Moore and Witold Tymowski, 2005
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No. 56 An Introduction to the African Convention on the Conservation of
Nature and Natural Resources
IUCN ELP, 2004
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No. 55 International Water Governance: Conservation of Freshwater Ecosystems.
Vol. 1 International Agreements - Compilation and Analysis
Alejandro Iza (Ed.), 2004
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No. 54 Accessing Biodiversity and Sharing the Benefits:
Lessons from Implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity
edited by Santiago Carrizosa, Stephen B. Brush, Brian D. Wright, Patrick E. McGuire, 2004
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No. 52 Drafting Legislation for Sustainable Soils: A Guide
Ian Hannam and Ben Boer, 2004
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No. 51 Water as a Human Right?
John Scanlon, Angela Cassar, Noémi Nemes, 2004
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No. 50 Water Governance in West Africa/
La gouvernance de l'eau en Afrique de l'O
Madiodio Niasse, Alejandro Iza, Amidou Garane, Olli Varis, 2004
Download pdf-format: French and English

No. 31 Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development
Third Edition: Second Revised Text, 2004
Download pdf-format: English, Errata

No. 49 International Environmental Governance - An International Regime for Protected Areas
edited by John Scanlon and Françoise Burhenne-Guilmin, 2004
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No. 48 Towards a "Second Generation" in Environmental Laws in the Asian and Pacific Region - Selected Trends edited by Lye Lin-Heng with Maria Socorro Z. Manguiat
(Proceedings of an IUCN/IGES/ADB Symposium, ADB Institute, Tokyo, Japan), 2003
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No. 47 Energy Law and Sustainable Development
Adrian J.Bradbrook, Richard L.Ottinger, 2003
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, Errata

No. 46 An Explanatory Guide to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
Ruth Mackenzie, Françoise Burhenne-Guilmin, Antonio G.M. La Viña and
Jacob D. Werksman in cooperation with Alfonso Ascencio, Julian Kinderlerer,
Katharina Kummer and Richard Tapper, 2003
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, Spanish (5,57 MB)
Russian (8,07MB)

No. 45 Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Sustainable Soils
Ian Hannam with Ben Boer, 2002
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No. 44 Arctic Legal Regime for Environmental Protection
Linda Nowlan, 2002
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No. 43 Environmental Law in Developing Countries - Selected Issues Vol. II
Marianela Cedeño Bonilla, Edgar Fernández Fernández, Sondes Jemaiel, Rose Mwebaza
and Dana Zhandayeva (co-ordinated by Françoise Burhenne-Guilmin), 2004
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No. 43 Environmental Law in Developing Countries - Selected Issues
Nazrul Islam, Isabel Martinez, Ikechi Mgbeoji, Wang Xi (co-ordinated by Francoise Burhenne-Guilmin), 2001
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No. 42 Direito do Ambiente e Redacção Mormativa: teorie e prática nos países lusófonos
Mauricio Cysne e Teresa Amador (eds.), 2000
Download pdf-format: Portuguese (1,05MB)

No. 41 The TRIPS Agreement, Sustainable Development and the Public Interest Discussion Paper
Simon Walker, 2001
Download pdf-format: English (1,02MB)

No. 40 A Guide to Designing Legal and Institutional Frameworks on Alien Invasive Species
Clare Shine, Nattley Williams and Lothar Gündling, 2000
Download pdf-format: English (1,13MB), French (1,21MB), Spanish (1,20MB)

No. 39 Landscape Conservation Law - Present Trends and Perspectives in International and Comparative Law
IUCN ELP/ PA, Societe Francaise pour le Droit de l'Environnement, 2000
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Environmental Policy & Law Paper Series (1972 - 1999)

No. 38 Wetlands, Water and the Law
Clare Shine and Cyrille de Klemm, 1999

No. 37 Assessing the International Forest Regime
edited by Richard Tarasofsky , 1999
Download pdf-format: English (1,22MB)

No. 36 A Guide to National Legislation for implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity
Patricia Moore in collaboration with Lothar Gündling et al. - Publishing plans for this title
have been withdrawn.

No. 35 A Guide to Undertaking Biodiversity Legal and Institutional Profiles
Glowka, L. in collaboration with Clare Shine, Orlando Rey Santos, Mohiuddin Farooque and Lothar Gündling, 1998
Download pdf-format: Russian (1,14MB)

No. 34 A Guide to Designing Legal Frameworks to Determine Access to Genetic Resources
Glowka, L., 1998

No. 33 The "Trade & Environment" Agenda: Survey of Major Issues and Proposals--From Marrakesh to Singapore
Ewing, K.P, Tarasofsky, R.G, 1997

No. 32 Biodiversity in the Seas: Implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity in Marine and Coastal Habitats, Fontaubert de, A. C., Downes, D.R., Agardy, T.S, 1996

No. 31 Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development
Commission on Environmental Law of IUCN - The World Conservation Union in cooperation with
ICEL - International Council of Environmental Law, 1995
Second Edition: Updated Text, 2000
Third Edition: Second Revised Text, 2004
Download pdf-format: English (680KB), Errata

No. 30 A Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity, Glowka, L. et al. 1994

No. 29 Biological Diversity Conservation and the Law: Legal Mechanisms for Conserving Species and Ecosystems
Klemm,; Shine, C., 1993

No. 28 Environmental Law in the South Pacific - Consolidated Report of the Reviews of Environmental Law in the Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Kingdom of Tonga, Republic of the Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands
Boer, Ben (ed), 1996

No. 27 Agenda 21: Earth's Action Plan
Robinson, N.A. (ed), 1993

No. 26 Guidelines for Legislation to Implement CITES
Klemm, C. de, 1993

No. 25 Proceedings of an International Conference on: Legal Aspects of the Conservation of Wetlands
Untermaier, J., 1991

No. 24 Wild Plant Conservation and the Law
Klemm, C. de, 1990

No. 23 The Ramsar Convention on the Conservation of Wetlands - A Legal Analysis of the Adoption and Implementation of the Convention in Denmark
Koester, V., 1989

No. 22 International Wildlife Law
Lyster, S., 1985

No. 21 Elements of an Agreement on the Conservation of Western Palearctic Migratory Species of Wild Animals
Klemm, C. de et al., 1983

No. 20 Rev. Environmental Protection in Islam
Bagader, A.; Al Sabbagh, A.; Al Glayand, M.; Sammarrai, M.
in collaboration with Llewellyn, O. , 1994
Download pdf-format: English (1,37MB), French (1,53MB), Arabic (887KB)
(apologies for bad quality and format)

No. 20 Basic Paper on the Islamic Principles for the Conservation of the Natural Environment
Kader, A.; Al Sabbagh, A.; Al Glenid, M.; Izzidien, M., 1983

No. 19 Legal Measures for the Conservation of Marine Mammals (Loose Leaf)
Birnie, P., 1982

No. 18 The Environmental Law of the Sea
Johnston, D. (ed), 1981

No. 17 Guidelines for National Implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, Emonds, G., 1981

No. 16 Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation
Lausche, B.J., 1980

No. 15 Trends in Environmental Policy and Law
Bothe, M., 1980

No. 14 Nordic Countries' Legislation on the Environment with Special Emphasis on Conservation, A Survey
Koester, V., 1980

No. 13 Premarket Testing of Industrial Products: A Means of Controlling Unrecognized Environmental Hazards
Mattes, M.A., 1977

No. 12 Property and Environment: The Social Obligation Inherent in Ownership
Dolzer, R., 1976

No. 11 Fiscal Measures for Environmental Protection: Two Divergent Views
Delogu, O.E.; Soell, H., 1976

No. 10 Survey of Current Developments in International Environmental Law
Kiss, A.C., 1976

No. 9 The Legal Aspects of Ecological Reserve Creation and Management in Canada
Franson, R.T., 1975

No. 8 Private Remedies for Transfrontier Environmental Disturbances
McCaffrey, S.C., 1975

No. 7 United States Experience with the Preparation and Analysis of Environmental Impact Statements:
(NEPA) The National Environmental Policy Act
, Delogu, O.E., 1974

No. 6 Financing Environmental Measures in Developing Countries: The Principle of Additionality
MacLeod, S., 1974

No. 5 Source Book: Emergence of Proposals for Recompensing Development Countries for Maintaining Environmental Quality, Nicholls, Y.I., 1973

No. 4 The Concept of Compensation in the Field of Trade and Environment
Schneider-Sawiris, S., 1973

No. 3 German Law on Standing to Sue
Rehbinder, E., 1972

No. 2 Standing to Sue in Environmental Litigation in the United States of America
Gregory, D.D., 1972

No. 1 The Easement as a Conservation Technique
Gregory, D.D., 1972


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