UNEP ROWA, IUCN ELP and ARCEL Collaborate to ‘Train the Trainers’ from Arab States

UNEP ROWA, IUCN ELP and ARCEL have jointly led a highly successful two day workshop on the development of a curriculum to ‘train the trainers’ from across the Arab region in teaching environmental law. Workshop attendees included Dr Mahmood Abdulraheem, Director UNEP ROWA, Manjit Iqubal, UNEP, Dr Badria Al-Awadhi, ARCEL, Professor Nicholas Robinson and John Scanlon, IUCN ELP together with senior representatives from universities or governments from Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya and Syria. A follow up workshop, scheduled for December 2002, will develop a detailed schedule for the teaching of the ‘train the trainers’ course, which is currently planned for March 2003. The March 2002 Workshop was convened through financial support provided by UNEP ROWA.



This Convention shall apply

1. to all areas which are within the limits of national jurisdiction of any Party; and
2. to the activities carried out under the jurisdiction or control of any Party within the area of its
national jurisdiction or beyond the limits of its national jurisdiction.

The objectives of this Convention are:

1. to enhance environmental protection;
2. to foster the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources; and
3. to harmonize and coordinate policies in these fields
with a view to achieving ecologically rational, economically sound and socially acceptable
development policies and programmes.

In taking action to achieve the objectives of this Convention and implement its provisions, the Parties shall be guided by the following:
1. the right of all peoples to a satisfactory environment favourable to their development;
2. the duty of States, individually and collectively to ensure the enjoyment of the right to
3. the duty of States to ensure that developmental and environmental needs are met in a
sustainable, fair and equitable manner.